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Abbott Elementary - 2x6
Candy Zombies

American Horror Stories - 1x2
Rubber(wo)Man (2)

Bones - 11x5
The Resurrection in the Remains (1)

Bones - 3x5
Mummy in the Maze

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 7x11

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 6x16
Cinco de Mayo

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 5x4

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 4x5
Halloween IV

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 3x5
Halloween III

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 2x4
Halloween II

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 1x6

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 8x9
The Last Day (1)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - 1x2
Chapter Two: The Dark Baptism

Doctor Who (2005) - 13x1
Chapter One: The Halloween Apocalypse

Euphoria - 1x6
The Next Episode

Extraordinary - 2x3
The Exorcism of Carrie Jackson

Freaks and Geeks - 1x3
Tricks and Treats

Friends - 8x6
The One With The Halloween Party

Glee - 2x5
The Rocky Horror Glee Show

How I Met Your Mother - 7x8
The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

How I Met Your Mother - 6x7
Canning Randy

How I Met Your Mother - 1x6
Slutty Pumpkin

New Girl - 3x6

New Girl - 2x6

One Day at a Time (2017) - 4x4
One Halloween at a Time

One Tree Hill - 8x6
Not Afraid

One Tree Hill - 3x4
An Attempt to Tip The Scales

Pretty Little Liars - 4x13
Grave New World

Pretty Little Liars - 3x13
This is a Dark Ride

Pretty Little Liars - 2x13
The First Secret

Pretty Little Liars (2022) - 1x5
Chapter Five: The Night He Came Home

Stranger Things - 2x2
Chapter Two: Trick or Treat, Freak

The Office (US) - 6x8
Koi Pond

The Office (US) - 5x6
Employee Transfer

The Office (US) - 2x5

The Office (US) - 9x5
Here Comes Treble

The Office (US) - 8x5

The Office (US) - 7x6
Costume Contest

The Vampire Diaries - 1x7

This Is Us - 2x6
The 20's

WandaVision - 1x6
All-New Halloween Spooktacular!

Wynonna Earp - 4x8
Hell Raisin' Good Time

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