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2 Broke Girls - 4x7
And a Loan for Christmas

2 Broke Girls - 2x12
And the High Holidays

2 Broke Girls - 1x10
And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving

Abbott Elementary - 2x10
Holiday Hookah

American Horror Stories - 1x4
The Naughty List

Anne with an E - 2x6
I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion

Black Mirror - 1x1
The National Anthem

Bones - 5x10
The Goop on the Girl

Bones - 3x9
The Santa in the Slush

Bones - 1x9
The Man in the Fallout Shelter

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 4x10
Captain Latvia

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 3x10
Yippie Kayak

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 2x10
The Pontiac Bandit Returns

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 1x11

Doctor Who (2005) - 1x14
The Christmas Invasion

Doctor Who (2005) - 7x6
The Snowmen

Doctor Who (2005) - 6x14
The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe

Doctor Who (2005) - 5x14
A Christmas Carol

Doctor Who (2005) - 13x13
The Church on Ruby Road

Doctor Who (2005) - 4x18
The End of Time (2)

Doctor Who (2005) - 10x13
Twice Upon a Time

Doctor Who (2005) - 4x17
The End of Time (1)

Doctor Who (2005) - 9x14
The Return of Doctor Mysterio

Doctor Who (2005) - 4x14
The Next Doctor

Doctor Who (2005) - 9x13
The Husbands of River Song

Doctor Who (2005) - 3x14
Voyage of the Damned

Doctor Who (2005) - 8x13
Last Christmas

Doctor Who (2005) - 2x14
The Runaway Bride

Doctor Who (2005) - 7x17
The Time of the Doctor

Friends - 2x9
The One With Phoebe's Dad

Friends - 9x10
The One With Christmas In Tulsa

Friends - 1x10
The One With The Monkey

Friends - 8x11
The One With The Creepy Holiday Card

Friends - 7x10
The One With The Holiday Armadillo

Friends - 6x10
The One With The Routine

Friends - 5x10
The One With The Inappropriate Sister

Friends - 4x10
The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie

Friends - 3x10
The One Where Rachel Quits

Glee - 2x10
A Very Glee Christmas

Glee - 5x8
Previously Unaired Christmas

Glee - 4x10
Glee, Actually

Glee - 3x9
Extraordinary Merry Christmas

 Hawkeye (2021) 

How I Met Your Mother - 8x10
The Over-Correction

How I Met Your Mother - 7x12
Symphony of Illumination

How I Met Your Mother - 6x12
False Positive

How I Met Your Mother - 4x11
Little Minnesota

How I Met Your Mother - 2x11
How Lily Stole Christmas

How I Met Your Mother - 8x12
The Final Page (2)

How I Met Your Mother - 8x11
The Final Page (1)

New Girl - 6x10
Christmas Eve Eve

New Girl - 4x11

New Girl - 3x11
Clavado En Un Bar

New Girl - 2x11

New Girl - 1x9
The 23rd

Pretty Little Liars - 5x13
How the 'A' Stole Christmas

Ted Lasso - 2x4
Carol of the Bells

The Bear - 2x6

The Buccaneers (2023) - 1x6
It's Christmas

The Office (US) - 2x10
Christmas Party

The Office (US) - 9x9
Dwight Christmas

The Office (US) - 8x10
Christmas Wishes

The Office (US) - 7x12
Classy Christmas (Part 2)

The Office (US) - 7x11
Classy Christmas (Part 1)

The Office (US) - 6x13
Secret Santa

The Office (US) - 5x11
Moroccan Christmas

The Office (US) - 3x11
A Benihana Christmas (Part 2)

The Office (US) - 3x10
A Benihana Christmas (Part 1)

The Vampire Diaries - 8x7
The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You

The Vampire Diaries - 7x9
Cold as Ice

The Vampire Diaries - 6x10
Christmas Through Your Eyes

The Vampire Diaries - 4x9
O Come, All Ye Faithful

This Is Us - 1x10
Last Christmas

What If...? - 2x3
What if… Happy Hogan Saved Christmas?

Wynonna Earp - 3x6
If We Make It Through December

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