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 A Chorus Line 

 A Friend Of The Family 

 American Jesus 

 American Love Story 

 American Sports Story 

 Ayrton Senna 

 Battlestar Galactica (2021) 

 Beacon 23 

 Becoming Elizabeth 

 Big Swiss 

 Black Bird 

 Black Match 

 Blade Runner 2099 

 Breathe (2022) 


 Dead Ringers (2021) 


 Doomsday Machine 

 Dune: The Sisterhood 




 Epic (2021) 


 Fatal Attraction (2022) 


 Five Days at Memorial 

 Fleishman is in Trouble 

 George and Tammy 

 God's Favorite Idiot 

 Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies 

 Great Expectations (2022) 

 Hedy Lamarr 

 Hello Tomorrow! 

 High Desert 

 Hope (2022) 

 House of the Dragon  

 Interview with the Vampire 

 Irma Vep 


 Kings of America 


 La Casa de Papel: Korea - Joint Economic Area 

 Lady in the Lake 

 Lessons in Chemistry 


 Limitless with Chris Hemsworth 

 Love and Death 


 Masters of the Air 

 Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story 

 Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2022) 

 Mrs. American Pie 

 My Glory Was I Had Such Friends 

 Nicki Minaj 

 O Rei da TV 

 Opposite Number 

 Orphan Black: Echoes 

 Os Esquecidos 

 Other People’s Houses 

 Percy Jackson and the Olympians 

 Pitch Perfect 

 Poker Face 

 Rap Sh*t 

 Red Queen 

 Rensga Hits! 



 Saint X 

 Só Se For por Amor 

 Sometimes I Lie 

 Subject To Change (2021) 

 Surface (2022) 

 The 39 Steps 

 The Crowded Room 

 The Curse 

 The Devil’s Hour 

 The English 

 The Expatriates 

 The Human Conditions 

 The Last of Us 

 The Last Thing He Told Me 

 The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power 

 The New Look 

 The Old Man 

 The Other Typist 

 The Overstory 

 The Patient 

 The Penguin  

 The Peripheral 

 The Player's Table 

 The Resort 

 The Serpent Queen 

 The Son (2022) 

 The Terminal List 

 The Watcher (2022) 

 The White Darkness 

 The White House Plumbers 

 The Winchesters 

 They Both Die at the End 

 Things I Know to Be True 

 This Sceptred Isle 

 Three Women 


 Turma da Mônica: A Série 

 We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves 


 Weeds 4.20 


 X-Men '97 

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